Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Falling Post

So the thing about writing a comedy-ish blog thats hard is sometimes.... you dont feel funny. I dont know... maybe you got in a fight with your lady and you couldnt resolve it before conjugal visitation time was up.... or maybe you lost all your money on a bad investment. Damn you Trojan Minis... I thought they would totally sell!!! 

Whatever... its just sometimes you feel kinda sad. So what I like to do. After a good long mancry and a hot manbath (wait that sounds really wrong...disregard) .... is curl up on the couch with a hot beverage, open up my computer.... and watch people trip and fall... over and over. The worse the better. And boy do I laugh. Its that simple. It always cheers me up. That said here you go. The worst falls I could find on the internet.

Here we go.... remember if this happens to you... throw the chainsaw AWAY from the person holding the ladder below you!!

One of millions of different skater falls. Keeping doctors and parking lot cops busy since 1950 .

Now there's this one I call the pageant fall...But what if falling was her skill for the talent portion?

And then this. You know... this is so starting to improve my mood. Best skating trick ever!!!
Ouch!! Now don't worry...  the horse will be fine..... but the jockey... well he's about to get even smaller.

Just a thought but at the right speed couldn't you literally fall forever on an escalator?

Sadly for Brian that would be the only time on prom night her legs would be like that..

Are any of you feeling better like I am? If not......well... either you suffer from an inner ear infection or vertigo and don't find falling funny... or..... maybe these next few are more your speed... sickos

ooooooh!! This guys day is worse than yours!!

And this guys day is worse. He didn't just fall. He hung there exposed for 15 minutes apparently. Then he fell.

But lets get back to pure falling....shall we. This one would suck.

Portland bikers!!!

And this is special. The very rare.... fall from an ostrich. Priceless!

The Model fall..... poor girl was so upset after this she couldn't bring herself to eat for a week.

The housing prices fall. Wait! I dont know how that got on here.... That's not making any homeowners feel better. I apologize. Totally disregard.

Wedding falls... always classics... right my single, desperate, and tipsy friend who came to the wedding alone?

Ah!!! Nightmare!! That is gonna leave a tread!

Bikini contest fall... Insert top heavy joke here.
And then this one. This ones for my brother... who is a Jimmy Buffett fan. Here's Jimmy falling off the stage. One too many margaritas.
Anyways I gotta go. Im feeling great now! Let me leave you with one more photo.... and if this doesn't cheer you up well nothing will. Blog ya'll later
This ones more about the the fryer!!!! Yikes! This actually happened to someone in my company. And it's like I told him after it happened... you taste delicious!


  1. Why the fryer; lmao, now I'm just mortified.

  2. I'm not a man, but I thoroughly enjoy watching people fall down.

    If you missed it, you really must watch the Against the Wind post on my blog from a couple of weeks ago.

    Also, is that your cat? If so, you should send it (him? her?) to me immediately. Call it (him? her?) an early wedding gift. :)

  3. Blaq Mind the fryer strikes again. Weird side note. My sources say thats what killed the poor old Hamburgler... you dont see him around anymore do you? See! and Tricia that video is awesome! And as for the cat.... you wouldn't want him... he is way to emotional!

  4. I feel most sorry for the horse. Can you imagine all the weight that he's putting on his muzzle? *Insert Sarah Jessica Parker joke here*

  5. Hahaha.... as always all odd shaped celebrity face jokes are extremely encouraged here!