Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Inside The Mind Post

I have decided to do something totally different today.... something Ive never done before. We are going to literally step inside the Mind of a Madman.... Hear some of my thoughts (dear god).... I don't know it just might get a little weird.... And grab a flashlight... It gets dark in here........

Im hungry

Im really hungry

Cant wait for the burgers to be done

Why do I have to cook em?

This stupid vegan patty is falling apart

I hope Jenny doesnt show up

Oh man!!! She's here!

She looks good 

but why wont she return my calls

better turn the burgers

I shouldnt have any more beer... gettin saucy

this beers good

o here she comes


youre right I am within 50 feet

I will leave after the burgers

That was kinda mean

hold it together dont cry

shes walking away. whew

better flip the burgers

oh man I dropped one

the ground is filthy

nobody saw

pick it up

burgers ready everybody

oh here she comes again

uh....this special burgers for you Jenny

Time to go before shes tastes the rocks and the dog hair

I love BBQ's

This concludes our quick look into the mind of a madman. Was there a lesson there.... I think so everybody. Never mess with the cook.

In fact... this message was brought to you in part by pissed off cooks everywhere!

blog ya'll later

I wonder if people read this blog naked

Im hungry

Time to turn off the computer


  1. Classic, 'you're right I'm within 50 ft'; Hey man you were there first. Women! I tell ya

  2. Um, yes - there IS a message here. Don't eat BBQ'd burgers with you. :)

  3. @ Blaq Mind I was there first wasn't I. It's no problem Im gonna go back to being 50.5 feet away at ALL times.... and @ Tricia- Dropping the burger was only part of the problem.... in no place there did you hear me wash my hands....did ya. (evil laughter)

  4. Jenny does look damn good... Hope she's hungry!