Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Laziness Post

So lets talk laziness...............   

laziness kinda sucks!

Thanks for reading the laziness post.
Blog ya'll later!

All right.... All right as fitting as that would be for a laziness post....maybe I can do a little better than that. Let me grab an energy drink and lets get after it.

 Well..... you see I am a part-time lazy person. I  don't try to fool myself. I accept the knowledge that I'm just this way from time to time.... I mean look at the amount of .........'s I use writing this blog. That's kinda grammatically lazy isn't it?  Anyways...  at least I acknowledge it. Some people don't.  Like for example.... this guy........He's freekin lazy!

and sadly...  poor Rex never got to play fetch again!
 You see..... he just never saw that semi-truck coming!

or this guy
You can go this route.... or...  try the advanced route.
 Try the TV stand on wheels with a rope tied to it....  

or this guy is lazy
 This just in. Not lazy. Brian's girlfriend had just had enough of him somehow "missing" her calls! 
but whatever I enjoy being a "calorie hoarder" sometimes.... sitting around watching some TV, ordering in delivery Chinese food and maybe some life improving infomercial items like these...
The sock-putter-onner! Genius! Works well. By the way...
From the same makers as the condom caddie.... 
The Ramen cooler.... 

the doggie diaper

All equally fantastic products. 
But .... how does one justify their laziness these days? Well for me...I like to think of all the people my laziness benefits.... the kids at the LazyBoy sweatshops building my next recliner, the future diabetes doctors I will be paying, or all the poor Hollywood people who need our support by renting countless hours of their newest addictive tv show.  I end up feeling more of a hero than a lazy person actually.
For me... shows like

Extreme Danger Cooking With Dynamite
Battlestar Gallactica
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
16 and Pregnant For the Third Time

So good..... and fun to watch (though I feel bad for some of those chefs but whatever?).... Oh... I forgot to mention this! I have recently found that certain technologies make me feel better about my lazy viewing habits.... in fact I think these new technologies have cured my TV laziness. How? 

Well now I don't have to just sit on my couch and watch.. 

Now I'm mobile! 

With my cartoons in the shower

or my Star Trek while driving

or catching a bit of the game at the motel down the  road

These new technologies work so amazingly well.... It gets me out of the house. And so now days... after one of my many busy days running from the law... er... getting stuff done around town..... I don't feel so bad unwinding and being lazy ... with loved ones.

but enough about me.... This post is supposed to be about laziness. And that it will be. Here you go everybody...... bad lazy photos. Enjoy

Lazy fire fighting

Lazy begging

Lazy urinal-ing

Lazy bike riding

Lazy subway-ing

Lazy street artist-ing... or maybe this is just really really focused street artist-ing. Really a coin flip either way on this one.

Lazy freezer-ing

Lazy windshield scraping

Lazy mowing

Lazy street line painting

Man I'm starting to feel much better about myself. So much so I might go hit the gym and actually be productive!

But I'm definitely taking the escalator.

Lazy dog walking.... yet again.
 Please please be careful of the land-mines Rex!

alright just a couple more........
Lazy yet brilliant parenting... 

Lazy gaming

and finally lazy yard work.... well for most of em.

Anways I gotta go. Im on a health kick. But more on that next time. Oooh I better grab my iPad. I dont go anywhere without it. Blog ya'll later


  1. That lazy rubik's cube could give a person hours of stress-free fun.

  2. I made a bourbon and Coke this past Saturday afternoon that was way-hey-hey too strong. But I was too lazy to blend it down. Just drank it anyway. Didn't learn a damn thing from that experience.

  3. I'm lazy because I count fighting with the cellophane wrapper on my bag of potato chips as exercise and watch three hours of golf on television because the remote is on the other side of the room.

  4. I could come up with something witty, but I'm too lazy so you you get a LMAO. ;)

  5. Oh Steve I've got an entire spin-off blog (yes, that's a new word, I think) especially devised for lazy students. Check out these ridiculous gadgets:


    I would recommend video number 3. Let's say I'm still tempted... Or video number 6, which is basically a big sock-putter-onner. But I don't think that motel regular feels he is being lazy at all. He's just practising his eye-hand-skin flute coordination. It's dirty job but somebody's got to do it...

  6. P.S. I'm too lazy to type "a" in final sentences...

  7. I recently leafed through a book called Useless Japanes Inventions, or something like that, and it was full of stuff like this. For example, the plastic face-bib for eating noodles, but in actuality just makes you look like a human daisy. Ridiculously funny.

  8. *snort* Those are some very clever lazy items. Since I lack an iPad/tablet and laptop, I need some finger extenders so I can type on the keyboard with my pet dog on my lap.

    It really would make our little world so much nicer.

  9. You see lazy people?
    I see creative innovative solutions.

    Perspective, my good man, is everything.

  10. I'm not lazy. Of course not!!!

    I have never attempted to use a rod to switch TV channels.



  11. I am starting to think that the Mad Man really took this laziness thing to heart...I mean why else would he not have a new post yet???

  12. I'm so lazy, that I just got here!