Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Post Cold War Socialism Post

So..... I am feeling a little under the weather today.

 I had intended to do a full post on the pros and cons of post cold war socialism reform.... but sadly that will have to wait! Its freekin riveting though. Anyways what you get today is a revisiting of one of my favorite posts. It has everything you want in a post. Intrigue..... sexiness.... danger.....naked bike riders. Anyways here you go.... The Review Of My Most Recent Ex Post! 

I wasn't sure what I wanted to review today......a restaurant?....a TV show ( I seriously love Community people)?.....or maybe the new Radiohead album..... then it hit me....I should review my most recent ex!!!! People reviews are awesome....and helpful for maybe future friends or daters of these people.....right? Right! That we go.......

Lets call her Vicky. I met Vicky where I meet most of the women I chat rooms of course..... I was ROTFL-ing at a comment she made on the Ashley Madison website. We quickly were lol-ing and tmi-ing deep into the night. The next step was to meet............

We met at Portlands naked bike ride. Best first date idea ever ...uh....because of the pure freedom you feel biking the way god intended...  of course ....anyways I knew we had chemistry the moment she said " um eyes are up here"........a couple bikerides and a serious ass raspberry later we were officially together..

She was great..... she cooked for us.... a new type of food I hadn't tried yet.....called Gluten Heavy....very flavorful. We could talk about anything. I told her of my dream to be a psychic doctor with my motto being "my mind is my scalpel" and she told me of her recurring dream of a threesome with somehow four people? I tried to explain that that would be a foursome but we somehow got lost in the math of it. Lost in the love....

We enjoyed creating games together....It was the old top hat guy in the library with the funny bone (our monopoly/operation/clue combo) .....or our twister jenga combo which Im no longer legally allowed to comment on...

We loved to dance....we would go out to the clubs and became super well known for our synchronized dance moves. We would spend hours practicing them. Creating new routines like our cabbage patch/ driving the bus routine... or the far less popular running man/ playing tether ball routine....

We were quite the pair.

We started talking about the future. Getting married....maybe starting a sea monkey farm or starting a sweat shop for underprivileged youth ....Our life was almost perfect.....That was until IT happened....but I think I will save that for my next post....Im a little too emotional right now.........

Part 2 tomorrow.


  1. By God, she sounds like a paragon of womanhood. How ever did you let her go?

  2. ha great stuff.

  3. Come on, Steve! You've never heard of a threesome that's actually a foursome? It simply means one of you is imaginary...


  4. Should review Community. Give me some insight as to why everyone raves about it despite it not really being laugh out loud funny.

  5. she sounds like a solid girl - where did it go wrong!????

  6. a mad man? a wise man is more suitable. Greetings from China. Enjoying reading your blog!

  7. That girl sounds fantastic.

    I'm going to echo what the other bloggers asked: WHAT HAPPENED?

  8. @Gorilla Bananas... Part 2 today will explain all
    @Raimi... thanks
    @RCB...haha Imaginary lovers are awesome! They let you do whatever you want in bed..... my imaginary sources say!
    @braumaman.... I really do love that show and yes... I think I will review it. Probably this fall when the new season starts. Thanks for the idea.
    @Timmytherobot... part 2 today explains the breakup.
    @Lemonsdontmakelemonade... she was pretty amazing. read today for the answer why

  9. Ah... the great first date. It's one of the mysteries of the universe how so many of them do not lead to lasting romances.

  10. I will tell my imaginary sources what your imaginary sources have told you. Some things you just shouldn't keep to yourself, right?