Saturday, August 6, 2011

Readers choice

Seeing as how I have been a bit slower on the posts lately (dont worry the doctor says thats a good sign. Apparently the medication is working)... I thought I would go through my old posts and look for ones to re-share with you all.... and......then I realized I have quite a few I never posted. 

Posts that I finished, but for one reason or another I just didnt share...... Maybe they were offensive, or they were mean spirited, maybe due to legal "complications" I wasn't allowed to share them..... or maybe they were just way too weird. 

So I thought and I thought.... then I had a sandwich.....  and then I thought some more....... maybe I could let you all choose which one I will share? And thats what we are going to do. Please vote if you would.....

 Possible Posts

1. Things I did after drinking 3 redbulls and a double dose of Ambian

2. Top 10 ways to spice up your sex life - Amish style

3. Celebrities I would hunt with dynamite for fun if it was legal

4. The Pros and Cons of dating a narcoleptic stripper post

and finally 

5. The what I noticed while staying exactly 50 feet away from my ex all day post

There you go. Lets start with these. Whatever you vote will be my next post. Thanks and Sorry!


  1. Why hello Steve! How's life after that well-deserved break where the sun always shines? Unlike in my previous post, let m keep it short: I was jealous. As for your reader's choice, well, I'd say number two, and I mean definitely! I've always wanted to know a thing or two about those Big Loving folks. They may seem all coy and prudent and reserved, but they've got more children running around the place than Adam and Eve. (Is that possible?) So make that a number two for me, with extra fries. I'm just curious, you know. It seems you may have some inside information...

  2. finally steve a new update... how bout you can post them but not the number 3 choice. Because whatever the reason or who's on your list some fans will get offense and might request your blog to close..

  3. I began perusing your blog, and when I got to the Lazy post my kids caught wind of the funny pictures and read along with me. Let's just say there was a lot of laughing! Thanks for joining my blog, and consider me YOUR newest follower.

    Kim :)

  4. Hey Steve! Now I'm voting for #5 because I have an inquiring mind!

  5. I'm for #5, too. I imagine that quite a bit, and it's been over twenty years since I've laid eyes on her. Love to hear your version.

  6. You managed to stay exactly 50 feet from your ex all day? You must have been in orbit.

  7. @RCB...Hilarious as always my friend. Sadly #2 didn't win but maybe that post may make an appearance someday anyway!

    @Jade..... good point! The celebrities and dynamite post will not be shown.... for now. Thanks for helping keep me outta trouble.

    @The Accidental Somebody... Glad you enjoyed my nonsense here!!! I will be keeping my eye on your blog as well.

    @Linda Medrano.... You win. #5 was the winner. Its like your psychic or something!

    @Fred Miller.... You win as well. Hopefully you can relive seeing your ex through my... binoculars!

    @Gorilla Bananas.... hahaha... a kind of stalker orbit I guess?

    @Bodacious Boomer... come on! Farm Animals!!!! I gave that up years ago!