Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back from vacation

Alright.... so vacation's over...... and so is summer for that matter...... I had a great time on the coast of Hawaii. Its always fun meeting new people.....  then wearing a costume..... and scaring the hell out of their children..... 

 It's just the best way I've found to reclaim a nice little child-free patch of beautiful beach..... all for you.

Anyways.....as my personal vacation season comes to a close.......  I realize it's time to get back to work..... back to the restaurant... back to the grind. I mean its been nearly the whole summer since I've gotten to spend any real "one on one time" with my employees ..... and that is just way too long in this economy.

 side note-- I find cake works best! But don't forget to take that cake price out of their last check!! I mean.... it was for them... right?

But whatever...... by "getting back to work" I don't mean just at my job. But here on this blog too....So officially starting now.... I'm going to begin to post a little more often...   and cover a wider variety of important topics ...... and you know what...... I'm even going to get around to covering some of those real hard-hitting and meaningful social topics I've been meaning too.....

and some.... maybe not quite as hard hitting!

like the upcoming Flasher Post.... a personal favorite!

Regardless, its gonna be a fun fall and winter here on the blog... (maybe I will even write a song or two?) oh ya... I apologize in advance for those....

So.... as I sign off today..... let me leave you all with a few photos of the summer that was...... Ah...  summer.....

The beauty

The danger

The romance!

The exotic travels

The warm weather

Uh.... the creepy sand castle maker people?
Basically..... it was just another magical summer.
Filled with all sorts of....  love.

and in truth.... its been all sorts of..... relaxing!

 but as I said..... I've got to get to work...........so everybody.....

 let's all together excitedly jump and wave a big goodbye to summer..... 

I said "all together".... oh whatever... blog ya'll later!


  1. Glad you had a great summer. Here in Oregon we're still waiting for it to arrive. Our state motto should be: Oregon weather is perfect; a billion slugs can't be wrong.

  2. Those creepy sand castle maker people really make summer shine..haha

  3. Welcome home Steve! You've been missed. I'm sure. Somewhere. Okay, maybe even a little by me!

  4. Tigers that swim!?! Apex predator no more, man, we have been supplanted by swimming tigers and bears using machine guns and beavers wielding chainsaws (I may have run out of steam on that last one).

  5. Glad your vakay was a good one. Did you hear about the guy with beach balls?

    He went skinny dipping in cold water then laid face down on a wooden beach chair to warm up. His dangly bits slipped through the chair slats. As he warmed up they swelled. He was stuck and the chair had to be cut off him.

  6. I think the person who flashed a news crew at home will be my new idol. I still want to go onto a beach dressed as Darth Vader.

  7. my reactions to this were dual - i clicked hilarious and horrifying

  8. All those photos put me through a bunch of mixed feelings, even some i didn't know i had.
    Truth to be told, the guy wore his speedo better than his woman hahahaha which is kinda sad if you think about it.

  9. I think I just saw the Hanging Boobies of Babylon. She's lucky a passing dairy farmer didn't try to milk them.

  10. Nice photos. Just discovered your blog. So im following. I knew some of those photos already, but bring back some emotions :)

  11. Welcome home! Nice holiday pictures :P.

  12. That tiger picture is the shit.

  13. I'm very thankful that those images are censored.

  14. Welcome back. Good God, that man in the photo needs to feed his ass more regularly. Otherwise it's just going to keep eating his Speedos.

  15. Reminds me of that episode of The Office (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paozmkUgqoE)

  16. Somehow you always succeed in making me jealous of your... er... let's say special holidays, Steve. Are you sure you have nothing to do with that sand castle?

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