Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tip #3 To spice up your sex life.... Different places

  • Here we are .... on to tip number three to spice up your sex life.... Different Places. Lets get started. Now...... most of us get all romantical in the comfort of our own home.... in our bedroom..... with maybe the dog oddly watching.... but whatever....... apparently..... according to some freeks.... er.... adventurous people I talked to.... there's nothing better than gettin all naked with your special someone out in public. So after some extensive research and a couple Public Indecency tickets I have compiled some wonderful (and some questionably wonderful) information on the topic. I could say a bit more but really shouldn't I just get to the shocking pictures of people doing it in public right? All right..... here we go....

So your ready to explore sexitime outside? Well....Why not start at the beach. With mother nature....... so freeing... so peaceful... 
so romantic......

Yet.... often so telling!

or....  maybe you should try taking "outdoor sexitime" to the park?
Like these two classy loverbirds did.

Now if you do head to the park.... heres my helpful hint number one... remember to UNTIE all loved ones! ...moving on.

Hmmm.... where else can you go?........ are you not afraid of heights?

Well then try the roof of the Unilodge.... where their motto is
"We'll leave the roof unlocked and lubed for ya"

Or.... do you have kids.... yet still want a little "adult time?"

Problem solved!!!!

Now maybe..... just maybe.... you are more classy than roofs and childrens pizza parlors..... how bout public bathroom stall action? Like at the baseball game?

I call this one...the seventh inning stretch

and then I found this. Awe.... who doesn't love office romances?
This guy sure does... just through binoculars....from the building across the way
Alright.... its at this point in the post.... where I am starting to have... uh....lets call them second thoughts on the subject matter.... you see its just.... Well......Does anyone else feel like with these 10 different Posts on Spicing Up Your Sex Life..... this blog has somehow turned into a bad issue of Cosmo or something? FML... 

side note-- be on the lookout for my "How To Loose the Baby Weight Yet Keep The Boobs Post".... coming soon.....dear god..... moving on..... back to the sexitime

Hey pervs... er... voyeuristic lovers....why not get back to the basics... Camping with a loved one......

and then you can get back to your rooftops.

or maybe.... then take the best tram ever!!!!!
999 out of 1000 tram riders agree!
really anywhere will do.... but be careful....
Google Earth may find you!!

You could try an amphitheater I guess... 
Maybe during a Creed show?....
  You should have plenty of room these days.....

or maybe after hours.... right where you work..... 
My sources tell me.... it does have its benefits!
New server Becky just made management. Congrats Becky!!!

And.... you didnt think I would forget about the car did you?
Always a classic.... 
Hint number two..... just remember to hit the car wash
 before next Sunday's church service.... or you'll get some dirty looks. Seriously!!

Ah... well time to wrap this up....Now from all the ones I found..... which is my favorite you ask?
This one!!! 

That's it for today... but remember if outdoor sexitime just isn't you..... dont worry... There's still hope. You can work yourself up to it. Just start small...

Start with shadow puppets!!
Blog ya'll later


  1. I've got feeling the tied-up woman was having sex with the tree. The trunk can be pretty knobbly.

  2. One year at Mardi Gras the porta-potty door flew open and there were two partyers gettin after it. She was bent over, her head not 4 inches from the seat. He was behind her. Shit was literally flowing over the seat; and they were totally oblivious the door had come open.

    I've never been that drunk or that horny.

    But for your question, does sex in a hot air balloon count?

  3. You forgot the church.

    Only if you're bad ass, of course.

  4. Ha! So glad I stumbled on your blog.
    The one in the ball pit has to be my favorite.

  5. Gotta love how the police officer is just standing there waiting for them to finish.

  6. You are slightly insane and I cannot tell you how much I admire that in a man.

  7. I still have slivers from that tree.

  8. Maybe I'm just old, but that tied up woman made me think of Custer's Revenge, the old perverted Atari game. If you don't know what this is, just go to google images, type in Custer's Revenge, and let the 8 bit laughter begin to flow.

  9. Ha ha, how dull and boring do I feel???

  10. Ah, you forgot to include any examples of the mobile oral, as in someone getting some while driving. Of course, it's not easy to be a driver yourself and snap photos of someone else doing that, so you can be excused.

    Very funny stuff!

  11. @gorilla bananas...tree sex? I guess maybe.... those tree branches are hung..

    @Bodacious Boomer... port-a-potty sex is way past nasty!!! As for the hot air balloon. That totally counts and would be awesome!! But how about the oh so rare hot-air port-a-potty sex? The final frontier.

    @Lemons dont make lemonade.... the church? How many hail mary's do you have to say after that?

    @andrea..... thats my favorite too. Except for the looks of jealousy from all the other parents.

    @Inverse..... Waiting for him to finish?... I like to think hes just next in line!

    @Linda Medrano...slightly? You're too kind. 9 out of 10 therapists have called me "disturbed"

    @Angie... haha...that is funny!!!! I have tweezers if you wanna borrow them.

    @A Beer for the Shower.... Custers Revenge is awesome..... I cant believe I never played it. It looks like an old west Leisure Suit Larry game. Hilarious.

    @Sarah Mac.... That's why Im doing these posts Sarah... spice it up!!!

    @Suldog....Mobile Oral??.... challenge accepted!

  12. You know the title of this post is a bit ambiguous. I mean different... places? :)