Monday, October 10, 2011

The Top 10 Best Things About Fall

Just a quick list today....As it's starting to rain up here in the northwest..... That means fall is finally upon us. So I figured it was time to celebrate the season with a few photos. Lets get right to it. Today's post is The Top 10 Best Things About Fall.

#1. Lets start with the autumn changing colors. Always so beautiful.... but for me personally.....  it's the drive to go see them that I love.
But either way... definitely a fall favorite!

#2. And then there's that first cozy little fire of the season...
Ah.... the magic! 

#3. Even better when you get to snuggle up and watch the "slightly controversial " new fall tv season shows.....
A couch potato fall favorite for sure....

#4 Or maybe your like me and you love the fall sports.
In particular....playoff baseball..... cause there... fans matter!

#5 Or maybe its those fun warm autumn clothes.....
 you get to wear once again. Its time to make that fall fashion statement boob-scarf fans everywhere!

#6  What else? Oh ya "overly graphic" pumpkin carving always brings out the best of the season some think!

#7 Or maybe your a foodie..... Well what about some
deep fried thanksgiving turkey. There's nothing quite like eating dangerously... Freekin delicious!!

#8 And speaking of eating.... Who doesn't love halloween candy? The more life-like the better I say! That makes my list for sure.

#9 I almost forgot! Parents everywhere welcome fall as
  send the offspring back to school  time ...or more importantly "back to school shopping" time.... where maybe this year you can finally one-up those bratty rich neighbor kids outfits!

#10 And finally for favorite is....  
all those bratty neighborhood kids jumping in all those freshly raked piles of fallen leaves.  Its always so much fun....

But why you ask.... is that my favorite?

Cause of the holes you get to dig underneath!!

Happy fall everybody..... and blog ya'll later!


  1. I don't understand that over-graphic pumpkin carving. Do men in sombreros get lucky at Halloween?

  2. I can state from experience that men with sombreros DO get lucky at Halloween!
    But I think the two getting it on in pumpkin land are Puritans or Quakers--Mayflower folks. If you disagree, don't ruin it for me.

  3. hahaha I may have to try that leave trick on day.

  4. Is it just me or does the guy digging the hole look like he's ready to put a body in it?

  5. You have got to be the king of pic-finders, dude, the blogosphere's answer to Tosh.0

    Once again, nice job.

  6. I hadn't seen those boob scarves in years. They were a lot funnier years ago when mine didn't look so much them.

  7. I'ma have to agree with notactuallygod. You always have kick-ass pics I've never seen before. Ride her, pilgrim!

  8. hahahaha you are an evil genius sir.
    Also, i would like to know where i can buy the titty scarf. I would give one to my grandma so she can be the coolest grandma around hahaha

  9. I will figure out how to carve a pornographic pumpkin. You have imparted inspiration upon me. Fun and inspirational, that's what you do. I guess I'm saying that you do the Lord's work here.

  10. I had to show the pumpkin graphic to Tessa. She designs all our pumpkin carvings. "Punkin Porn" she called it. I'm going to carve that while enjoying my favorite thing about fall. Neat bourbon.

  11. The leaves are brilliant but only because of the trap...maybe punji stakes as well.

  12. I don't like any of these things. :(

  13. These pictures are great! #5 is esp disturbing!

  14. Definitely my favorite season! :D

  15. These are all such amazing things, Steve. I wish I had your propensity for imagery. And the time. And I want one of those pumpkins. That's like that lamp in A Christmas Story. If I had that, it's the only thing that would be sitting in my front window.

  16. Happy fall, Steve! I didn't know you were a boob scarf fan.

  17. Another great post! Keep up with the excellent blogging! You're really good at it! -

  18. .... Where can I buy a boob scarf...?

  19. got many lols from this :) supporting your blog bro!

  20. Nr. 11 roasted chestnuts also known in Italian as "marroni" that also mean "balls" in "non rompermi i marroni" (transl. don't break my balls"...

  21. @gorilla bananas..... men in sombreros get lucky all the time... duh!

    @Stephen Hayes... I like to think of them as Amish

    @Pat Hatt... the leaf trick works under picnic blankets too.

    @Angie.... he kinda does.... he probably just watches too much Dexter

    @notactuallygod... thank you. I have seen Tosh.0... he is pretty funny.

    @BodaciousBoomer... hahaha... Im sure yours look better than those.

    @A beer for the shower... thanks as well.... I got nothing but love and maybe some sheer disgust for your blog as well.

    @Hasidic Plumber.... evil genius thanks to you... and as for that scarf... I dont know? Walmart maybe? It seems it would be right up their alley.... in terms of classiness.

    @Pickelope... the lords work huh? My mom will be so proud!

    @Fred Miller.....Pumpkin porkin.... well tell Tessa next year I will entitle my pumpkin post just that. Genius.

    @The Angry Lurker.... punji stakes do spice up any trap my sources say...

    @Carm.... Oh these things are the best... just try em again... you will thank me... maybe?

    @Paula....#5 is my favorite too....

    @My 2 Pesos... me too.... right after football season.

    @Wagthedad.... If I had that one... I would so give it to you to put in your front window.... that would be where it deserves to be... the whole neighborhood would "appreciate it?" I bet.

    @RCB... thanks... and hell ya.... I actually refer to myself as a boob scarf aficionado..

    @D22 Zone... thank you... my secret... nodoze!

    @Dwei.... my best bet... Walmart

    @J8888.... thank you.... support here is always needed... especially after that boob scarf photo.

    @daisy.... always nice to hear from you... and yes roasted chestnuts do now make the list.... haha

  22. Wow those pumpkins are awesome!