Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Year Blogging.... A Special Thank You To Our Readers

Today November 19th 2011 marks the first anniversary of this here blog. Yep......  its officially been a full year since my brother and I started this thing.....  So.....  I thought maybe I should throw some sort of birthday party post on here...... but it didn't feel quite right.... so I quickly changed my mind.

....sadly this guy didnt!

Whatever.... One year down.... And no complaints... In fact I've kinda surprised myself ....  finding out that I pretty much genuinely enjoy writing this blog.....

I guess....  I must enjoy the routine of it?

 Anyways....  I just like all the ridiculousness that this blog can be sometimes... For me I take a little pride in thinking about how every once in a while..... (and with the right people)..... this blog can actually reach out and connect with certain people... and make their days just a bit better.

Right prisoner 283471?......  
By the way...  see ya on the outside! 

So what else....... Well speaking of our readers..... I would like to send out a special thank you to all of you who check in with us here regularly. I know some of the photos we use can be difficult from time to time.....

But its like I tell my more upset readers....
"There's still no way to unsee things.... stupid!"

And as for those of you who do comment..... Let me say that for us... mostly.....  its always fun to read about what your reactions were to the different topics we put on here...

Sometimes people send us photos too....

But in all seriousness....... and on this our anniversary.... I feel I should take a quick momment to YET AGAIN reiterate that this blog... "From The Mind Of A Madman" never has been.....nor ever will be.....  a helpful blog about understanding the thought processes of people with Alzheimers!!!!! 

Were just not that deep!!!

 Whatever....... As we sign off today and I get to work on a very special Thanksgiving post..... I thought it would be nice to recognize some of my more frequent readers and commentors on here.... but with more than just a thank you list of their names....cause.... We can do better than that!!! Why not add their pictures too... Enjoy

First off is frequent commentor Bodacious Boomer....
 "Thanks so much... and your girl is growing up so fast!"

And here we have regular contributor and frequent leather shirt wearer RCB.... with Kiki and Jade . "Looking good....  thanks for all the support!!"

And then here we have frequent participant and apparently professional lover?...... Angie.
"I will never forget you!"

Then we have professional sheep transporter a.k.a. Pickelope
"You're the best!!!!"

And here we see our good friend and ape enthusiast Gorilla Bananas...  

And another fellow dedicated blogger The Angry Lurker...
 Feel free to give yourself a break every once in a while buddy.
That guy is so so dedicated!!!

Speaking of fellow bloggers.... heres fellow Portland blogger Stephen Hayes. "May your blog continue to be as supple as always!"

And here we have Dlae.... though this police sketch was the only photo I could find??

Heres The Accidental Somebody..... always such a free spirit! Thanks for your kind words!!!

And here we have Fred Miller and Wag the Dad.... a big thank you to both of you guys... though Im not sure exactly which one is which..... They just might be the worlds first ever leg-twins?

And Danjor21... I always thank him.... cause he seems to always be around!! 

And here we have the guys from A Beer For The Shower enjoying a little downtime.... Thanks as always guys!
Mood- Living long and prospering
Beer- Romulan Ale

which does exist by the way.....

And finally......  here's all I could find left of Patt Hatt.... you will be missed! But thanks for your comments... wherever you are?

And there are so many more....  who have helped to make this blog the place it is...... or as The Oregonian newspaper reviewed it "One blog to put on a watch list...  the governmental kind!" 

And so we appreciate you all? Thanks to everybody...
and blog ya'll later! 


  1. Damn, I knew I should have commented more often.

    I wanna place in the hall of infamy!! (trying very hard NOT to break into a Kenneth Williams style quote at this point).

    Carry on gents ;)

  2. I'm not jealous or anything, but how come Angry Lurker gets the naked chick?

  3. Someone is definitely doing something wrong if the dude is on his laptop and the chick is playing Guitar Hero. Congrats on the year guys!

  4. romulan ale? i have to find that shit; congrats and nice job

  5. Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

    Thanks for share,

    ¤ Rio Prasetyo ¤

  6. hahahaha bastard! You make me look at all those images I'll never get out of my mind and then I get eaten, how rude!..hahahaha congrats.

  7. Congrats on your anniversary! I hope I can last that long. :P

  8. So this is what happens when you don't comment enough -- left out of the anniversary edition.

    :-) Happy One-Year, Mr. Mad Man!


  9. That's right! I am ALWAYS around, sneaking, stalking, hiding under your beds! Best watch yo'selves!

    Happy blogoversary! Congrats!

  10. A very happy anniversary! I love seeing the madness you put together so adeptly. And you're damn right, aint no one transporting sheep as good as me. Anywhere there's a bestiality party, no one gets a sheep there faster and less buggered than ME!

  11. A whole year?

    F*ck - felt more like ten!

    Well done Mr Bailey - looking forward to the next decade...

  12. I'm not in the list. I'm devastated. I'll go kill myself now. :P

    Congrats and happy anniversary!!!!!

  13. hahaha funny pictures

  14. OMG where can I find a crocodile hunter to save Pat the Cat???
    Congrats on the b-day, it's time to stop pooping in your diapers now that you are one year old.

  15. Happy Anniversary!!!!! And many happy 'n crazy more posts.

  16. SHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, Steve! I... No (breathe in), let's start by congratulating you. One year down, 99 more to go, and I have to say, bud, you've made me laugh more often than my own shrink. No, seriously, you're really showing us people at our best. Which bring me to the second part of today's special post. I didn't know Pickleope looked like that! And Angie - boy is that picture on her blog deceptive or what? But.. er... you promised to never share that picture of me and my two best friends with the entire world, Steve. I mean, come on! You promised! I guess you're just one of the good guys.

    - Randy

    (Not to be mistaken with

  17. If he means that to be me he's sadly mistaken. That lady's breasts are FAR perkier! ;) Happy Anniversary Steve!

  18. Great, you've finally exposed our dirty secret: neither of us are young, we're both huge Star Trek fans, and I have a monstrous FUPA. Now that the sex appeal is gone from our blog, we're going to have to rely purely on content. Stay tuned for next week's post: "A Beer for the Shower files bankruptcy."

  19. Happy Blogger Birthday! Hope the party is still going on.


  20. Happy Blogversary!

    I follow a load of these Plonkers!

  21. After reading this, it took me almost an hour to get myself together to comment. I love this blog of yours. Really, i haven't had so much fun reading a blog. I just know you will celebrate another great year and i know its going to be even better. Have fun blogging and sharing this damn funny picks which makes one laugh so damn hard, the neighbors will think one nuts.

  22. give you an award and I don't even get a mention..... I see how you are.. Just kidding. I remember my first, it was kinda awkward.. oh wait, blog birthday. yeah well that was long, long ago. Congrats. Keep the madness rolling

  23. Thanks for including Wag and me. My leg is the hairier one. Wag shaves.

  24. Hiya kiddo. I'm so sorry I missed your blogversary. Congratulations on a stellar first year. I always enjoy coming here and spending time with another sick and twisted mind.

  25. happy 1 year :) and cheers to many many more.

  26. Happy belated Blogversary!

    I like how you captured my Movember Mustache in all it's glory.

    You keep writing, I'll keep reading.