Monday, November 21, 2011

The Thanksgiving Picture Post

Thanksgiving is finally upon us..... and I, like most of you, am excited about it. I have missed this most special of holidays... 

It's just the only one where we get to give real thanks for the blessings in life...... But by gorging ourselves, drinking too much, and watching countless hours of football. What a holiday!....

Though that can be a little confusing too......  cause if Im honest.....  those are pretty much the exact things in life I am thankful for in the first place? 

Whatever...  I guess its kinda like being caught in some sort of a weird Thankfullness/Gluttony Time Loop....

Regardless....... there is so much to enjoy about this holiday... So put on your Thanksgiving party belt....... 

...and lets dig into the best things about this holiday.... shall we?

Now lets start with the turkey..... 

When cooked right.... Almost any part of the bird is delicious.... be it the white meat...  the dark meat..... the feet.... there is just so much to love.... For example maybe you are a fan of the.... 

Turkey breast! Delicious!!!

or maybe you like a tasty drumstick..... Oh so good!!

Or maybe you are like me and you are a big fan of......

The crotch!!
.... I guess its kind of an acquired taste!

But whatever..... its more than just about the turkey.... its about entertaining people..... and setting a beautiful dinner table....

With ridiculous hard-to-see around table centerpieces
..... like this one.

or this one.....

Or this one.... The Thanksgiving Tornado-Centerpiece...  
which Midwestern tornado survivor Aunt Edna reviewed as "insensitive and hauntingly familiar!"

Moving on... Thanksgiving is about a lot of things. 
It's about cooking as a family.
And putting out fires as a family too.

It's about sharing a meal with those closest to you....
No matter how strange......
Or unseasonably under-dressed!

It's a time for passive-aggressive parents to punish the bad children in their family.......

By making them watch them eat!

It's about sharing cake......  with family......

No matter how unfortunately shaped......

It's just that perfect holiday for commemorating with a tattoo...

Or maybe more...."changing" that marijuana tattoo.... 
but into something the whole family can enjoy!!!

And it's a time for making wishes.....
Like my favorite.... the fake wishbone.... 
Trust me it's hours of family laughter watching as none of those bratty kids ever get that wish!

And it's a time to sit back and watch the Macy's day parade.....

Which is good... though not nearly as good as those German parades...

Who coincidentally...  "give thanks" for our politicians!
Who knew?

Apparently.... A lot!!!!

But enough already.... eventually every great holiday must come to an end.... and when this years evening winds down....

Some will head off to get in line for the Black Friday shopping sales ....

Others will head off to spend Thanksgiving evening with friends....... and performers?
And others will continue to "sleep off that crazy meal"....  
All till next year.... when the holiday magic...

And that party belt kick off for another "fuzzy" Thanksgiving....

So.... to all of you out there..... wherever you are...  enjoy your holiday.... which is what I intend to do.... and happy Thanksgiving!
.... oh I forgot to mention.....  Theirs really just one thing most people I talked to dislike about Thanksgiving... 


Cause apparently it makes washing their babies afterwards... 
just that much harder!!!

Anyways happy turkey day and blog ya'll later!


  1. Those belts actually exist? I thought they were just an urban legend.

  2. Actually, I usually hop up after Thanksgiving dinner and tackle the dishes. I don't do this because I'm a thoughtful husband; I do it to avoid any more mindless family gossip which, by this time, I can't take any more of.

  3. Is it wrong to say that I'm thankful SOMETHING is finally upon me, even if it's Thanksgiving? :) Have a great holiday!

  4. I would sell my mother for that turkey cake!!!!!
    my five turkeys will have to be hidden before christmas, so that

  5. Are all American Thanksgivings this interesting or is Canada just really tame?

  6. Dude! You totally forgot to mention anything about football!

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  8. I've had a few strip club Thanksgivings, not bad at all!

  9. I gotta get me one of them there thanksgiving belts!

  10. Does Hillary's butt taste better than a turkey's crotch? That should be known as 'The Thanksgiving Riddle'. I say yes.

  11. The crotch is the BEST!...Well, okay, second only to armpit (wingpit). What if peepshow girls are your only family? Is it weird then to give her a dollar for a holiday motorboat?

  12. hahaha what I'm not going to get my wish? How Rude! That would also just be so so weird and such a nasty thought to be naked with your entire family eating thanksgiving dinner, you can keep that one..haha

  13. The best thing about Thanksgiving...leftovers! Or is it football? then leftovers, how's that?

  14. This was great! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
    Re: Naked Thanksgiving dinner.
    "Golly, Maude, this dinner was fantastic! But, did you see what Cousin Leonard dragged through the soup?"

  15. Can't wait to eat turkey and get drunk. (: Twitter

  16. my thoughts always go for millions of poor turkeys who live and die only for this date :(
    Eat tofurkey, people, not turkey :)

  17. I don't know what it says about mysterious cosmic forces and predestination that this is the first post I've ever read here.

    I will have many images to share with the fellow lunatics of my family.

    Thank you?

  18. Haha great post! Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving too. <3

  19. Very different and very good! Well done.

  20. The crotch?!!!!!! Damn, Steve! And this time I'm not even eating. Apparently, that doesn't help either. But I must get me one of those party belts, that's for sure. Bottoms up! Happy Thanksgiving (politicians excluded)!

  21. If my fiance doesn't want to hear an endless run of breast jokes, she shouldn't put me in charge of turkey carving. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  22. I'm surprised that strip club had enough letters to write that message. Thankful for the chuckle from this post!

  23. madman... Its taken me this long to get over naked thanksgiving. my eyes are burned and I've been trying to get my brain scrubbed... I am thankful for much.