Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Day Picture Post

 Merry Christmas everybody!!!! 

Here's hoping you all are getting absolutely "topped off" with the holiday spirit this year.....

Isn't it amazing how refreshing that can feel?

Here at this blog... we too are off enjoying the holidays with friends and families.... and our therapists as well....

So I will keep it very brief today.

Here's just a couple holiday wishes for you all....  from us.......

First off...... we wanted to wish that every single one of you all...  receive EVERY gift you hoped you get.

And then maybe some you didn't expect to get.
Like our Aunt Fran did... who once again  "Will be missed!"

 Also we would like to wish you all a relaxing & stress-free holiday. 
And that you don't allow anything to bum you out during this most special holiday time! 

Like maybe that office Christmas party you attended last week?

You know what I'm talking about!!!!

Just let it go..... cause remember.....

You have all year to learn how to look people in the eyes again!

Side-note.... for any of you thinking about pulling off the classic "Naughty copy machine photo" at next years Christmas party...... PLEASE remember...

... that copy machine glass was not designed to support your weight! 

Moving on.........

What else? 

Well here's a wish..... that....  you all got a chance to make your own fun personalized Gingerbread house this season....

No matter how massive..... and amazing...

Or creative.....

or basically just morally questionable?

Joking aside we just really want to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas this year...... 

And to remind you that this time of year is the perfect time for so many things....... like for example..... getting even with your worst enemies! 

Why you ask?

Cause...  it's the only time of year you can eat that freekin evidence!!!!
(evil minty-fresh laughter)

And on that note.... Merry Christmas everybody...... 

Oh ya.....  we intended to do a holiday card this year.... but didn't.

 So just accept this one (from this family I found)...... as one from the collective all of us here at this blog...... 

Cause for me... I think it sums up 2011 absolutely perfectly....

blog ya'll.... um.....


Merry Xmas!!!!!


  1. hahaha my enemies better fear me now, killer candycane cat

  2. That candy cane shiv is hilarious! Makes me think of that Pogues song that starts "It was Christmas Eve in the drunk tank . . . ". Merry Xmas, dude.

  3. Family photos make me smile.

    As for eating the evidence, with my luck I'll be attacked by some moron with a blunt instrument instead.

  4. That candy cane stiletto is brilliant. I may have need of one before this day is done. Only kidding. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas!!!! Go get drunk!!!

  6. A gingerbread whorehouse is just too cool.

  7. I'm calling bullshit on that tiger. Must have been a birthday present. Santa couldn't get it down a chimney without losing his balls.

  8. ''s the only time of year you can eat that freekin evidence' hahaha that's so funny, Steve, and a very good tip, so I'm off now. With some pointy candy I might add! Do you know that song, 'Don't lick it where I stick it?' Well, it's candy after all...

  9. A gingerbread AT-AT is my new Christmas wish.

  10. The guy with the fat ass on the photocopier v v funny

  11. Now I want a copy machine.

  12. Best of wishes to you too! Hope your holidays are going well. Oh btw the Wiggle car IS awesome. I've never laughed so hard or hurt so much when I crashed into the mailbox. It was sooo worth it.

  13. I like your card. That could be our family. Except for dad--he can't text for crap.

  14. My husband really enjoyed your gingerbread strip club. Ho ho ho.

  15. Love the can probably represent every American family out there!

    And the IV stockings are cool too!

    Great post as always!

  16. LOL That's the most accurate family photo I've seen in a very long time. Merry Christmas!

  17. Hah! Thanks for the XMas wishes. Turns out, the only thing I ever hope for is that a bearded, rummed up fat man doesn't actually break into my house in the middle of the night.

  18. Ohhhh Vampire Presents!!!! :DDDDDDDDD
    Merry CRAZY Christmas!!!! :-D

  19. Thanks for the holiday wishes. That's a GREAT Christmas card!!!