Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Year in Rewind #1

Its the end of the year.... so.....  I thought over the next couple days we could look back at a couple of posts that made the year (on this blog anyways) the strange year it was... Here's one of my therapists favorites.

June 8th

So way back before this blog.... I was a musician. I was a singer/guitarist/mime in a band in town. I have since retired my pleather pants....... however I do occasionally still write songs for other artists ...... (sometimes they even listen to em).... Anyways to stay sharp I occasionally go by the park or the library or the nearest tractor pull and do a little people staring.... er.... watching...... and then try to write some lyrics based on the people I see. I thought I would share one with you today. Here is this one I wrote recently from the point of view of this nice old gentleman (Joe) I saw as he was sitting on a park bench....

.... I sit and I sit
And I watch this whole town
Sometimes the newspaper
Shields my frown

I take notes while I watch
My focus is strong
Do they walk at a fast pace
 Or just shuffle along

And then I spot her
Headed my way
Walking all perky
Enjoying her day

I grab hold of the bench
Now she's bout to pass by
Then I kick out my leg
And profanities fly

Her feet leave the ground
Then the ground gets a face full
And it isn't that pretty
And it isn't that graceful

Shes stunned and shes crying
Shes scraped up her knee
I say "What an accident"
but I planned the whole scene

Now did I feel bad
 Or have any regret  
Had I only kicked harder
.... ah the distance I'd get

Crazy Joseph in no way condones this reenactment. In fact we read this to him...... and his review was deemed unprintable and darkly inappropriate.  Regardless.... this is dedicated to Crazy Joe.
            In loving memory 1938 to 2011


  1. hahaha what fun lyrics you rhymed away, crazy Joe surely put on quite the display

  2. I'll be forwarding this post to the authorities. Expect to be contacted shortly. Ha.

  3. Great lyrics! What a mean old man he was...tripping that young lady!

  4. I and your therapist have similar taste because this is one of my favorites too...and we will stop any conversation after an hour.
    I also love the New Years graphic with your head as the ball. So much hilarity everywhere I look! You are relentless!

  5. Oh crazy Joe, you so crazy. It's almost sad that was well written.

  6. His missing teeth make the picture lol

  7. RIP Crazy who will trip happy women as they walk by?

  8. this should go to Bieber's next album, Steve!

  9. Haha, Crazy Joe, he truly lives for the moment. We can all learn from that old mofo.

  10. You should write a song for Rebecca Black! She needs a good song writer.

  11. That's a great way to meet women. Assuming you don't shatter her teeth. Just because Crazy Joe is brilliant doesn't mean I want to date a woman that looks like him.

  12. I can see Lady Gaga performing an ode to Crazy Joe. Perhaps she'd even dress as him-it could be her new alter ego!

  13. Can I join you on your bench??? My therapist may approve. And I thought mine was the only one who read my blog and then based our sessions on it....

  14. I would have jumped underneath to break her fall. I'm considerate like that.