Monday, December 5, 2011

The Most Unique Christmas Tree Post

Alright everybody.... here we go..... Christmas Trees.

Now..... like most of you, this weekend we put up our Christmas tree. And for me..... that always kinda marks the beginning of the buy things your family members will inevitably return season... er... Christmas holiday.

I guess it's that (the putting up the tree) as well as the official 
"Santa-izing" of the bathroom ....that means Christmas is finally in full gear for my family......... 

Cause Santa's hungry!!!

Anyways......let's get right to the pictures of the crazy Christmas trees.... shall we?

However.......I feel I must first say that on this blog...

We don't celebrate the normal ones here....  We celebrate the more "unique" trees.

Like the ones that didn't quite fit in....

or the ones that really didn't fit in...

You see this will be kinda like an island of misfit toys kinda post...
 but...... totally about Christmas trees.........

Though we will try not to remember that unfortunate
Island of Misfit Toys slaughter....

 that brought us this mean spirited Christmas tree!
Come on man!!!

So..... with all that said..... Plus a quick reminder not to chop down Christmas trees near your own house.....  cause its often dangerous! 

Remember to always chop closer to the neighbors!!!

 ...... I've decided to give you the 10 most unique Christmas trees I could find on the internet.... enjoy!

#10. First off we have The Sushi Tree... Creative! Delicious! And Often Very Fragrant! 
Just not AT ALL in a good way after 24 hours!

#9. Here's the  Entire Hill Above Some Town In Italy Tree.  Or as one guy who lives right in the middle of it remembered it "A sleeping nightmare!"

#8. is The Bacon Tree..... And who doesn't love a breakfast themed tree? I for one am a huge fan of a scrambled egg tree with maybe a country fried steak star and oh ya.... a biscuits and a gravy tree skirt. And..... Sorry bout this one.... Clearly I'm hungry... 

#7. The Nerd Tree..... which is clever.... however I personally much prefer the 80s style Nerd tree.

Cause 80s Nerd Tree is rad!

#6.  Now number 6 is actually a couple different photos....
 Which I proudly call...
The Hair Trees.....

#6b.  or maybe The Hair Weave Tree .... 

#6c.  or my favorite..... The Hairspray Tree

#5. Would be Any tree from this Christmas tree farm.......
 Cause that tree would be fabulous! 

#4. The Charmin Tree.  Ya there's no joke here.... its just a tree in a toilet in some Arkansa-ian's living room... 

#3.  Is the going way to far for attention at the Company Christmas Party Tree

#2. is The Contractor Tree..... which was put up way over budget and really wasn't at all what that nice Jewish couple had in mind when they asked him to build them some "holiday decorations!"

#1 And finally..... of course..... is...
 The Lots of Trees Tree...... which The Christmas Tree Enthusiast magazine reviewed as "Shockingly wasteful!"

And that's the list....

But if I'm honest...  there is one more tree out there that some consider "the best tree without question." 
It's this one......
The Money Tree......
or like little Jimmy from Portland called it
"The only tree I ever ask for.... ever!!!!"

Anyways..... hope this all helps your Christmas tree decorating 
and blog ya'll later.....
when we take a look at what I call
 The Fall of Santa Claus Post!


  1. You've really gone out on a limb bringing this post to us. The tree at Chatterbox Manor will look boring compared to these.

  2. I think the bacon tree is my favorite. Thanks for all the laughs!

  3. Why the hell didn't they snip the top off the tree that was too tall? Someone in that family must have a circumcision phobia.

  4. Most of those were pretty awesome.

    Come to think of it, my family hasn't set up a tree in years...

  5. The nerd and money tree for me....people are weirder around this time of year.

  6. So much goodness in this post. "Because Santa is hungry." The awesomely rad 80's tree. The tree of slaughtered misfit toys. I personally prefer the porn star tree made up of...well, I think we can all picture what a porn star tree is made of and what it has hanging from it as ornaments.

  7. I hope the hair weave tree lady isn't someone you personally know :)

  8. The 80's nerd tree was great. That hillside one must have taking tons to do. Sure you can easily feed santa in the loo..haha. But I'd flush all of those trees away for the money tree, that just brings such glee.

  9. Why is the girl in 6c topless!?!?

  10. The santa toilet seat kinda disturbed me but I LOVE PACMAN TREE.

  11. First off, as a child of the 80's I WANT THE PACMAN TREE NOW.

    Second off, the Santa toilet cover is really creepy. When you flip it up, is the beard still there? Something about sitting on a man's beard hair while you take care of business just makes the event even more evil than it already is.

    (I was raised Catholic, so yes, it's a dirty, evil act)

  12. I loved this post! Have to say now I'm kinda wishing I had a weave tree. Ok not on my head but I wish someone in my neighborhood would do it so I could point and giggle..

  13. Nerd and hair do it for me. ew that came out weird.

  14. I want to know where in the world those money trees grow! I need me one of those!

    Great post! Looking forward to the Santa post!

  15. I have some food for Santa. ;)

  16. Better make sure to open the lid. Don't want anyone taking a wiz on Santa.

  17. The nerd tree is awesome. (:

  18. That Santa toilet is just wrong on so many levels...

    I did enjoy your photo essay on the Christmas trees though. The bacon tree was cool. Of course since we have 5 dogs here, it wouldn't last long- not vertically anyway.

  19. It was impossible to pick a favorite tree...I love each of these so much!

  20. I'm also a big fan of the '80s tree! I want to play Pac-Man really bad now!

  21. I will never see Christmas the same again !

  22. Great post, Steve. I mean GREAT. The things that people do...