Friday, December 2, 2011

The Christmas Lights Picture Post

So first up on our "unique" celebration of Christmas is the Christmas Lights Post. Now..... I wasn't exactly sure where Christmas lights first originated from.... so I did some research and..... as it turns out Thomas Edison created them. 

Yep...  he was looking for a great way to market his new invention... the light bulb...  so he decided, in order to sell them, that he would tie them into holiday decorations...

Ah Thomas Edison.... the original holiday opportunist! 

But whatever... He created christmas lights.  Good for him. In fact below is a picture of the actual tree with his first lights on it....
 Ready fot it!!! Its amazing..... ugly!!!
Really Edison? 
Thats the tree you chose? 
Looks more like poison ivy?
Come on!!

But anyway......  after he created them.... and as the socio-economic landscape of the times dictated....  he then decided to ....


Hold Up!!!!!

No one comes here to learn!

Just get to the stupid pictures Steve!!


Why am I talking to myself? 

Uh... here we go....... 
The Funny Christmas Lights Post. Enjoy!

First up lets start with a couple pictures of houses absolutely covered in crazy Christmas lights..... Like this one....

And this one.....

And here..... Man this must take some serious work.

And in a blog exclusive..... My brother Patrick uncovered a calendar of one of these O.C.D. Christmas Light People.......

Huh? I am kinda surprised he doesn't have "See A Christmas Light Therapist" anywhere on there! Whatever! Back to the lights. 

Now....... perfectly decorated Christmas Lights are for much more than just One-Uping your neighbors..... right?

They are for making those neighbors smile...

And for hopefully seducing those neighbors!

Their for letting the neighborhood in on "your kinda humor"....

Or for subtly sending them a message .....  about the ugly status of their lawn!?

They are for all sorts of things. And the more digging I did I realized they are for all sorts of people!!!! For example....

This nerd..... who enjoyed playing guitar hero on his garage... but  with Christmas lights.. 
Hey its not like he had to go buy a gift for a girlfriend!

And this guy...
Who drove around with a Christmas light deer on his roof.
Speaking of cars... what do you do when your headlights don't work..... Christmas Lights!

And this guy... who made a big ole cat sign out of lights...  then sat back and watched as all the crazy neighborhood cat ladys came flocking to check it out.... 
As they came to check out his TRAP!

You see he too collected lots of animals.... but his way!

Christmas lights are for Trekkies.....

And for proposing.... I guess?

Awe..... That was nice.....


There are dangers with lights too!!!!!!!!!!

Man Im kinda hungry!!!

I could go for a sandwich!

I should add sandwiches to my christmas list....

Mental image

Mmmmm!  Sorry!!! Back to the lights.....
 Lets finish off with some of the dangers that go along with Christmas lights....... shall we?

Obviously christmas light plugs can be dangerous.,..

They can lead to fires

Just as the makers of this giant lit-up Santa found out!!

Or as Brian told his daughter ... "they burned Santa cause you were bad this year!!!"

And that is pretty much it..... Enjoy your neighborhood Christmas lights everybody... like I intend to. And the next time you see that crazy Christmas light house

Take a second to think about the person who took the time to put them up...... and think about their January!

blog ya'll later
next up- Christmas trees


  1. They are all mad show-offs, apart from the woman who forget to put lights on her nipples. She's just forgetful.

  2. I don't like to decorate the exterior of our house with lights but I appreciate those folks who do. It would be hard to get into the Christmas mood if nobody decorated. Maybe I'll just hand a few this year.

  3. I run one string of lights along the gutters. That's it. Any more just seems silly.

    I do like looking at the nice jobs all the silly people do, though :)

  4. "They burned Santa because you were bad." That made me chuckle. Also, I love your internal dialogue when it spills into your writing.
    Personally, I think these people go overboard because they hate their neighbors or want to rub-it-in to all the non-Christians.

  5. Absolutely hilarious compilation... people do such strange things when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations.

  6. I've seen a lot of great Christmas lights. And a lot of crazy ones. This has given me more of both.

  7. hahaha man that must have taken some work for many of those. I guess they are keeping the power company in business and you'd need to have ocd for that..haha The cat one was great too, although not the cage part, unless you're into that sort of thing..haha

  8. Ha! Love how you said to think about their January! So true. :) You know, I was really enjoying your Thomas Edison lesson, but the lit up houses were great, too!

  9. Under the novelty Christmas lights I'm surprised you didn't find/use the butchered and bleeding reindeer. That one is one of my favorites.

  10. Great pics Steve, but what you can't see in those nighttime house photos is the rest of the neighborhood in darkness due to the huge power sap!

    I've simplified my lights this year. Just two 400ft long parallel strips of white bulbs.

    I'm expecting the first HongKong to LA flight in about 20 minutes...

  11. The one thing I really hate about the lights is no matter how hard you try to make sure they are not tangled when you put them up in storage, they always end up coming out a tangled freakin mess!

    One of the many joyful miseries of Christmas!

  12. Don't these people know those christmas lights are bad for the environment????????????? Just kidding, Steve. Where's the switch?

  13. This just makes me want to cue the Mannheim Steamroller and drink some eggnog. Bring on the trees!

  14. Decorating the house is too dangerous. I just decorate the dogs. Then they UNdecorate themselves.