Friday, January 13, 2012

The Exact 10 Signs of the Apocalypse

I am currently working on a "special" post for Monday. 
But anyways....I thought I should post something....
And since I haven't discussed the end of the world yet with you all... I found this old post about the EXACT things we are gonna see happen leading up to the end of the world! They are kinda specific? Anyways enjoy.....
(it gets a little weird..... but I like to think it all comes together in the end)

Exactly How The Apocalypse Is Going To 
Start In 10 Easy Steps

And no its not like this....

1. First off..... we will begin to notice globally... lots of random BIRD and FISH DEATHS ( and truthfully this is already happening)
Then soon to be followed by house cats (who freekin off themselves not having anything to hunt......)

2. Then we'll see crazy catlady's everywhere become despondent and devastated! And without their cats they will turn to the streets..... zombielike!

They will however choose a leader.... This lady...

3. Now with all those empty catlady houses...  sitting empty... 
Yep... you guessed it.... 
Steetpeople (and probably those Occupy people) move in to em..... 
However... quickly ask  "Man how do you get rid of that nasty cat funk?"

4. These new squatters decide to throw huge parties in freshly aerated cat lady houses.....keeping awake their neighbors...but they don't care cause they are streetpeople and occupiers?

5. One said neighbor is extremely tired one morning and is late to work..  Running late he starts to speed and gets a ticket.. Doesn't really matter to the whole apocalypse thing but its a bummer for him....

6. "Tired neighbor" though works at NASA. In the "asteroid hitting the earth division" ...... also came one pin away from bowling a 300 game once.....

And was recently promoted from the "lighting" division...

7. Anyways NASA guy notices super mega asteroid.... code named "catlady" ...and yes its headed our way!

8. Tired NASA guy shoots space missile breaking apart asteroid "almost completely". Not a perfect shot as his bowlers thumb was hurting him and he didn't have a good grip on the missile firing controls!

9. Asteroid breaks into lots of smaller roids (can you call them that?) crashing through atmosphere hitting .......

10. random birds and fish....... and we start again......soon to follow by house cats.....

So consider yourself warned!
Or I guess maybe its the lightning cats that get us....

Which ones?

These ones!!! And if it is....
God help us all!

 Anyways see ya all in another life... 
 Or maybe Monday...
blog ya'll later!


  1. Yeah see ya monday no end of the world is going to happen any time soon. Now that is a crazy cat lady also..haha

  2. My grandma used to have a bunch of neighborhood cats congregating under her double wide. When I asked her if she was running a cat house, she got all pissed off. I was pretty sure the world was going to end right there.

    But she's dead now, Grandma is, and we're all still here.

    What does THAT mean, I wonder?

  3. Very funny. When the world does end I hope it happens on a Monday.

  4. This sounds like a repeating cycle that never gets to the end of the world. Unless the 4 pussies of the apocalypse make an appearance at some stage.

  5. In #2, you're SURE that's a lady? So scared of lightening cats now.

  6. That's almost scary with how much sense it makes.

  7. I have my cat on lock down, no way he's going anywhere eh.

  8. I knew Catlady's were a sign of death/doom/destruction (the three D's).

  9. Well, it isn't Biblical, but it's interesting.

  10. I'm worried ... I actually understood this ...
    *lol* :)

  11. Oh. I thought Rebecca Black would have something to do with the end of the world.

  12. Haha funny :D I am now following I'm interested to see what madness will follow.
    Awesome header by the way :P


  13. Crazy catlady. That's one pussy you shouldn't touch, Steve. Way too dangerous. Then again, if the end of the world is near, why not give it a shot?

  14. Lightning cats, only something a crazy cat lady could love.

  15. Hmm. It would be interesting to know if there are any cat ladies close by... Not me, of course, I only have one. Now.


  16. So little pieces of asteroids are called roids? That's some funny shit! I sure hope I don't get hit with the flaming roids!! LMFAO