Monday, January 9, 2012

The Wintertime Snow Post

Ah wintertime.....

I hope everyone is enjoying our coldest season!

Well here on the blog.... we enjoy celebrating each season our way... 
With highlights...... and occasional low lights... I guess?

For example.... remember when we took a look at summertime....

.....or more specifically pool side bars!
Man I know I had no idea how many waitresses were DYING either?

And then this fall we celebrated..... well.... Fall!

With a post on all the best things you can do in the rain!
And once again.... take that self righteous joggers!!!

Well its winter...... and were overdo...... 

Cause its gonna be purty!

But first..... lets start with some fresh fallen snow....
..... so light... so fluffy.....

So freekin hard to remember where you parked your damn car!

And when you do find it.... man you hope those windows were rolled up!!!

But there is just so much to love about snow and winter....

For example wintertime brings us cool sports....

Where really anything can happen?

No matter how....
Man I'm just gonna leave this one alone!!!

You see... wintertime brings us fun things..... like mazes....

And amazing snow sculptures.......

And then some just plain strange ones?

Either way..... who doesn't love a good snow sculpture... right?

This guy!

But whatever.....winter is a perfect time for so many things....

Like maybe playing pranks on friends.....

Or again.... making snow sculptures!
This ones great for when the wife kicks you out!

 Or how bout maybe even "being snow sculptures."
Perfect for that post orgy time....
My more mustached friends tell me?
You see the snow brings out the fun in all of us....

Sure maybe we can get carried away a bit?

And sometimes the snow can truly be difficult!

And sometimes slightly painful?

But as long as you are ready for it?

And stocked up!!!

Winter and snow can be a magical time!!!!!
Well.... I know it was for these guys........

Cause for them.... it was such a romantic time.....

And by the way... they had the most amazing wedding ever!!!
Why you ask was it so perfect?

Cause of the freekin reception!!!!

Happy winter everybody
I'm off to clear off some snow....

Blog ya'll later!


  1. You made winter much better for me. I'll have Tessa look at this. She really needs to be cheered up.

    I felt sorry for the dogs at the peace symbol picture.

  2. This is certainly a funny post, and it reminds me that I don't think I've commented on just how much work it must take for you to put these words and images together. I for one, look forward to them and can't wait to see what you'll have for us in the Spring.

  3. hahaha The middle finger one was great and that snow maze would be kind of fun. God I'm blind one more, must be some serious shrinkage there..haha

  4. The snow maze and the outdoor fridge are brilliant... so much awesomeness packed into one post.

  5. I loved this. I laughed out loud at more than a few of those pictures haha. Hell, screw Scotland I'm just going to go ahead and move to North Dakota right now and start up a naked peace sign club. If you have to ask why then you probably shouldn't join ...

    - Ash

  6. Great stuff kiddo. I really liked the peace sign. With my hot flashes that'd actually probably feel pretty good. I imagine there was a lot of shrinkage though.

  7. Note that in the nudist peace sign the glaring lack of dudes. No man was brave enough to risk the shrink to make hippie-art.
    Some of those things are so awesome it makes me wish it snowed where I was...okay maybe not.

  8. I don't know whats better. That house, the snow furniture, or underwater waitresses.

  9. Wow those pictures took me on an emotional roller coaster. First I was like Oooo! and then Ahhh!! Then it was more like Oh. which turned into Oh my! then there was a little Oh shit! and finally I was back to Oooo again.

    There's only one other thing besides your blog that can make me recount those noises in that order... Disney movies!

    What did you think I was going to say??

  10. I really enjoyed these pictures and the captions. The two cars are my favorites! Great winter post.

  11. THat was delightful. We should do this more often. :-)


  12. Haha great pictures love posts like this

  13. Snow brings out the creativity in people.

    I think we need some snow in this part of the world.

  14. Where on earth do you find these photos? Aychihuahua!

  15. What you talking bout willis? It's summer over here in aus :D

    Weird Interesting News

  16. Great pics, & loving the snow, wish we got more over here though, Great post :)

  17. Brilliant pictures as usual and I hate joggers too.....

  18. damn, makes me wish we had a real winter here in SoCal...

  19. Usually it snows a lot up here... this year we seem to have a very long slightly colder Spring. But I miss the snow!!!!!! :-S
    HILARIOUS as usual, you are!!!!! :-DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  20. Self-important Audi drivers beat out self-righteous joggers any day of the week. Just ask Bryan.

  21. I have to say I laughed all the way through this one having experienced MOST of it. Not the naked in the snow thing. Not my cup of tea. Let's face it... frostbite hurts.

  22. The cold makes everything stiff, you'd expect. Check THIS one out, Steve. That maze looks great.

  23. P.S. It says, 'Terrible Snow Penis Conquers Switserland'. Hahaha

  24. I have learned new and exciting ways to enjoy the snow! Now if only it will snow!