Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Groundhog Day Picture Post

Well.... Happy Groundhog Day everybody!!

Its yet again time for the only holiday...... 
Where we forcefully rustle a rodent out of its home!
And then wait to see if it..... "sees its shadow".....

If it does see its shadow...  we get 6 more weeks of winter.
And if it DOESN'T..... spring comes early. Woohoo!!!!

Now I don't know bout you, but personally here in Portland, I am always ready for an early spring! 

That's why I've been recently Googling ...
"Ways to blind a groundhog!!"
You know.... for the future!

Anyways.....  I decided to wake up early today.... 

You see I wanted to watch the news live.... 

And see for myself what happens with that groundhog.

Will it see its shadow? 
Will it not?
Oh ya.... I will keep you updated!!

But first..... I have to ask.
Did you get ready for Groundhog Day like I did?
Cause a holiday like this.... requires celebrating!!

Like with cake?

Or with maybe "fun" Groundhog clothing?

Plus...... you know what else is great....
And a favorite at my house....

Groundhog Helper
(Huge in Arkansas!)
Though I must say..... they will tell you it surprisingly tastes absolutely nothing like Hamburger Squirrel.
 Who Knew?


I thought that while I was sitting here..... waiting to see if this dirthog sees its stupid shadow or not...
 I could maybe share a few other "shadow" related photos....
You know to kill the time.....

Lets get started shall we?

First off we have the
"Unfortunate Tanning Near A Clothes Line Shadow"
And man is he gonna regret that sunburn!

And then... heres kinda just
"The Sad Reverse Of That?"

And then for all you crazy cat ladies out there.....
Here's this...Which is actually pretty great...
But also...  maybe explains why Fluffy always "marked her territory?"

What else.....
Well according to the web searches I did.... 
Most of the funny shadow pictures I found were sadly "Genitals Related" 
And you know what...... COME ON PEOPLE!!!!
We wont show you people doing that here.....

But we will show nature?

And some really unfortunate architecture?

Uh moving on......

Now..... frequent readers of my blog may remember these shadow photos....
 "The creeper shadow!!!"

And them this... "The funny party shadow"...
Which I recently learned can BE VERY DISTRACTING!!

How distracting you ask?

Well lets just say don't do it around an outside dart game!!!
Right.... outside dart enthusiasts?

Anyways lets get back to it....

Cause here comes the Groundhog.....


For 2012....

That little dirthog......

SAW its freekin shadow!
So 6 more weeks of winter!!

6 more cold weeks Im betting!!!


Oh well.... I guess it could be worse!

Cause there is one shadow in 2012 that would definitely be worse!

Much much worse!!!!

This one......

Cause that would suck for much longer than 6 weeks!!!

Anyways happy Groundhog Day
And blog ya'll later!


  1. Those shadows are great! Love the architecture pic! Epic fail indeed!

    And that fucking groundhog...who does he think he is giving us 6 more weeks of winter?

  2. LOL those shadows are awesome, unfornate tanning man will have fun and the cat one was great. Not a crazy cat lady though, just crazy..haha...admit it, you were the creeper shadow right?

  3. I always get excited when you come up with a new post, and this one didn't disappoint. Fun stuff here. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. I didn't quite want to believe that really was what Groundhog day was all about.

  5. sorry, I'm diggin this winter....not as cold/gloomy as Portland though.

  6. Hahahahaha that cat sees dog shadow is so funny, Steve. Sorry to hear there's 6 more week of bitter cold. Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day! You, too, Bill!

  7. You did it. I wasn't sure how, but you did it. "How could he turn a Groundhog Day post dirty," I asked myself. But you did it. Congratulations. With all your image searching, I'm surprised you're not on some government watch-list.

  8. Funny stuff!! I was wondering what to fix for dinner and now I'm conflicted - Groundhog Helper or Hamburger Squirrel???

  9. All this talk of Groundhog Day and not one mention of Bill Murray!

  10. Groundhog helper- I love that. Did you ever see Falafel helper? Just add camel.

  11. I love winter. :)

  12. I would like to eat that cake, please. Also, groundhogs are freaking adorable.

  13. it's minus 15 degrees Celsius here, no groundhog can help us now! Maybe a penguin could?

  14. Given the chance I would eat a groundhog too. I bet it tastes delicious.

  15. Spring begins on March 20th. There are ALWAYS six more weeks of winter. Digging up that poor sleepy rodent and asking him is just patently stupid.

    I hope someday he turns around and bites off the nose of the asshole who's yanking him out of his burrow.

    Now THAT would be newsworthy.

  16. Gobbler's Knob.

    Need we say more?

  17. The shadows are awesome. Haha!

  18. Ahahahahahaha Where do you find the pictures??? BRILLIANT!

  19. So, what time is it?

    According to that wall, it's a currently dick-thirty.