Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Man-Cave Post

So............ Im moving. 
Yep....  moving in with the lady.
Into a nice little place Downtown Portland.
A place close to work...  a place with a decent view...  
A place that has all the amenities one needs when laying low from the "ongoing investigation?"

Like those clever eye-hole paintings!
Which are shockingly helpful to know when the coast is finally clear!

.... anyways.....

You see aside from the obvious hiding..... 
I am most excited that our new place has an extra large (and unaccounted for) room!

And that's what I wanted to talk with you all about today....
Cause I'm making me a Man Cave!!!


Now..... before I get ahead of myself...... 
The truth is... I am actually only "entering into discussions" with my lady on what exactly to do with this room? 

Obviously my vote = Man Cave!
But she's unconvinced...... 

So I thought in order to trick... er ... persuade her...
 I figured I could do some research....
 And show her just how wonderful  man caves can really be!

Here we go.

First thing I found was.....  there are countless various kinds of man caves..... perfect for every home! 

And they range from the very nice ones.....

To the "Bank Bailout Money Nice" ones!

But its like I told my girl....
There are always more "affordable options"

 I also learned that caves can come in all sorts of "interesting" and fun different themes.....

Like Golf-themed caves...

And Hockey-themed...

And even caves with themes of the more.........well.....

"Under appreciated" sports?

"Man am I learning now"... I exclaimed!
But I needed to learn more......
 So after a delicious sandwich I read on.... 

And found out that caves are often designed specifically to fit each different type of person...
Huh? Who knew?

Like rednecks....
Man you would be surprised how many man caves they have built for them!

Built with all the paranoia and Copenhagen one might expect.....

 And then nerds and their man-caves.....
 They almost all fantasize about having this Star Wars themed cave built for them..... one day.
(and someone... anyone....  to share it with?)

There are just so many kinds I was finding....
I even stumbled on man caves built specifically...
 for the MENTALLY ILL!!! 
Which I lovingly call "cozy caves!" 

Cause of all the fluffy padding!!

And then finally...... I found this ...... 
Guys who built their own "Man Caves"..... 

Right where the kids swing set used to be!!!!!
And to that I say......


Anything was better than my current cave...

Cause that cave is just not very spacious!

Well..... I'm not sure if any of this will help but I at least I feel more  prepared to have our....
 "What to do with the spare room " discussion now.......

Either way I will let you all know what happens...
In truth Im a little worried about it...
Cause there was a mention of making it a "Lady Cave!!!"

A Lady Cave!!!!
I cant even imagine what that would look like?

Anyways I better do some research on that too.....

 But I think I will leave "The Secrets Of The Lady Cave Post"...
 for later this week!

And no...... !!!

It wont be nearly as dirty as it sounds... sickos!!!!

Well maybe not?

Anyways...... Till then....
Blog ya'll later!


  1. That starship movie theater is awesome!!!!

  2. Give her food. I'm sure she'll say yes.

    Don't forget the dessert.

    You're welcome.

  3. I look forward to the "Man Closet" update that will be the inevitable result. I'd settle for a fart-atorium.
    The dude with the Cave-Man-Cave is the winner. I am the loser for getting excited you used a Salvador Dali painting (with a slight alteration) as the initial image. I'm a complete Dali nerd. The rest of these make me want to join the Occupy movement.

  4. Good luck with the Man-Cave, sir. My brother has the benefit of enough space to have one, and he brags about it all the time. That asshole.

  5. Must have the Star Wars cave. That thing is friggin sweet! Gratz on movin on up.

  6. Yeah my nerd side loves the star wars cave, but the bank buster one be grand too. Good luck getting your man cave.

  7. Like that Salvador Dali painting wasn't weird enough already?

  8. I'm sure the discussion about what to do with the spare room with be the First Big Test of Cohabitation. Buckle up and hang on!

  9. I wish you luck on getting your own man-cave. Those were all very cool caves. I would feel claustrophobic in the real cave-cave. But I loved the Star Wars one.

  10. Holy shit that would be awesome

  11. Tell her that man cave = quiet time for her! I HELPED my man with his!

  12. Great picture. But why are those tigers attacking the naked cyclops chick?
    Mrs. Penwasser would rather I have a "Man Duplex."
    Closet, cave, duplex. It's all good.
    Because there will be beer.

  13. A lot of those man caves were nicer than mine.....

  14. i really don't have enough space for a cave... but it sure is nice to have one of those... Yahweh bless. http://trunklocker.blogspot.com/2012/02/walk-to-remember.html

  15. Well, hi there, Steve! When I bought my house a couple of years ago I had it all figured out: a music man-cave and a fitness man-cave. Then when my girlfriend moved in she slowly but surely ruined all my plans and stole every inch of space I had. So get that man-cave. There's more at stake here than just your personal satisfaction. Look at me: all I've got left is the man's room. You owe it to the male species! Man-cave! Man-cave! Man-ca-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ave!

  16. P.S. For if you don't, THIS will become her woman-cave!

  17. I'm pretty sure that the redneck cave was modeled after the gun room from Tremors. Have to check on that one.

  18. Those are some awesome man caves! I am trailer trash so I don't have a space where I can escape to...a prisoner in my own home! Stuck dwelling among my family!

  19. My husband wants a man cave. He'd love that gun one.

    Unfortunately, in base housing, there is no extra space. I told him one day.

    1. I really, really need one now, too. My kids have their own room. Why can't I have one?